Hair simulation also known as hair micropigmentation or hair tattoo is a non-surgical alopecia baldness solution. In this method, real hair roots and hair strands are mimicked using special tools and epidermal micropigmentation is applied to the bald areas.

Our experts are specialized in permanent cosmetics and micropigmentation applications. When they realize that your hair roots are not growing in the same direction and naturally, they clone the natural structure and properties of your hair. Our experts also know that hair roots have different colours and therefore uses 3 – 4 different micro pigment tones to present a natural hair line and realistic volumes.

Hair simulation is not a hair transplantation method. Yet it can be used with hair transplantation techniques after the transplantation.

It especially has effective results covering the bold areas due to pelade.

The most successful results can be obtained when they are applied to short hair types.

Hair simulation also provides amazing results after the hair transplantation when the patient is complaining about thin transplantation.

The application time of the hair simulation depends on the size of the area. It can vary between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

After the operation, the patient can return to normal life immediately. The hair could be washed with warm water  on the day of the operation. The results are faster than hair transplantation. Additionally, covering the sutures in the  old hair transplantation areas can be done with hair simulation.

The permanency of the operation is approximately 2-3 years.

Special devices are used in hair simulation. These devices are single use needles that enables a sterile work  environment and a fast application.

Hair transplantation can be done to the area of hair simulation.

In hair simulation, special type of dye is used and they cause ant health problems.