Hair transplant Istanbul which is one of the important aesthetic applications, has become a leader around the world with experienced and expert staff. İstanbul is the number one country in hair transplantation as there are approximately 180 hair transplant per day.

Hair Transplant Istanbul” surgery has become a large industry with 1 billion dollars. Each month 5000 people come to İstanbul for hair transplant and the country has become one of the most important hair transplant centres of the world.

People who travel to abroad to have a surgery mainly consists of hair transplant operation. From this point of view, İstanbul accept most tourists around the world in terms of hair transplant. Turkey is the most preferred country when it comes to hair transplant.

The main reason İstanbul is leading brand in hair transplant is that satisfaction rate is high while cost advantage is higher compared to other countries. Turkish citizens living abroad and foreign patients who are extremely happy with the results of hair transplant contribute to the brand. Turkish citizens all around the world recommend affordable and high quality hair transplant in İStanbul. Thus, hair transplant in Turkey is spreading around the world as a brand. Now many European companies are organizing medical tours to İstanbul. Additionally, due to holiday policies, Arabian patients prefer to stay a week in İstanbul. As they are enjoying the city after the procedure, they are staying close to the surgent in case of any complication conditions.

hair transplant istanbul

hair transplant istanbul

hair transplant istanbul

hair transplant istanbul

Hair Transplant Istanbul Contact

People all around the world who prefer İstanbul for hair transplant, generally contact clinics and hospitals via WhatsApp or e-mail. Teams serve in this field analyse hair status during consultation stage and give detailed information to the patient about the hair transplant method that will be used.

In consultation stage, patient’s hair photographs from different angles are requested. After the evaluations, preliminary information is presented to patient and time planning is done for the operation.

Patients who prefer İstanbul for hair transplant plans a minimum 4 or 5-day trip. When you consider that hair transplant İstanbul is a beautiful country and there are numerous places to visit, this time

Why do the foreign patients prefer İstanbul for hair transplant?

İstanbul has become the first choice in Hair Transplant. There are various reasons for that. Successful Aesthetic Surgeons, successful work in Health Tourism, all-inclusive packages, affordable price compared to Europe and Middle East and latest technology can be amount these reasons.  Each day, there are new inventions and developments in Hair Transplant industry.

Affordable Hair Transplant Price

Compared to other countries, hair transplant prices in İstanbul are more affordable. The budget for hair transplant in Europe or America is 2-3 time higher than Turkey.

Affordable prices are not the only secret of İStanbul’s success. Our country is also having an advantageous position with experts and technologic opportunities. Many Turkish surgeons are researching abroad and contributing to hair transplant applications.

Expert Teams, Natural Results

İstanbul is one of the most preferred countries in hair transplant. There are numerous clinics that focus only to hair transplant. Clinics in İstanbul use the latest technology and techniques for hair transplant. An aesthetic look and experience is important in hair transplant and these develop in time. Thus, hair transplant in Turkey is done with expert doctors.

Fast Appointment

Since there are few clinic in many countries, you need to wait. Your operation can be scheduled to a future date. Yet in Turkey you can schedule your operation in an early date and have your hair back.


Turkey is a tourism country with many historical, cultural, and social attractions.

Patients who prefer Turkey will have the opportunity to taste the rich cuisine of Turkey.


Patients who prefer Turkey for hair transplant don’t have to worry about accommodation. Hair transplant clinics have agreements with hotels and patients can stay here.


Expert drivers welcome guests in the airport and transferred to hotel without additional fee. During the treatment, hotel-clinic and clinic-hotel transfers are free.