Hair loss: There are hundreds of reasons for hair loss. You can experience hair problem due to individual characteristics, environment, genetic factors, nutrition, medication use, age, gender, and health factors. İt can start in all ages. Generally, it in man will result with boldness. İt in women rarely results with boldness. But when women experience heavy it, this will create an undesirable look.

Each person experiences regularly. It is normal to experience it in bath, while you are combing your hair or you are styling your hair. If it is within 100 strands a day, you don’t have to worry about it. But if the hair loss is above 100 strands and you have handful of it, you can face with great baldness in short time. To classify hair loss as a medical problem, 25-30 hair strands are hold tight and pulled off. If you have 5 – 6 hair strands in your palm, this indicates a serious  problem.

Various scalp problems and subcutaneous sebaceous gland problems can cause it in the forehead and on top of the head. This problem is generally seen in men. And once the it starts, if you do not take any precautions, you can lose all your hair within few years.

Anaemia, hormonal problems during pregnancy and lactation period and birth control pill can cause hair problem. İt in women are generally observed on the back of the head as men experience it on the forehead and on top of the head. On the other since women style their hair, dye and apply chemicals to their hair, and use long hair most of time, it can reach significant level.Stress in another key reason both in men and women for.
hair loss

hair loss


Why do you experience hair loss?

The reasons behind hair loss should be investigated. Hair loss can be due to medical and pathological reasons as well as genetic and environmental factor. Hormonal factors, thyroid disorders, anaemia, iron deficiency and certain medication may cause hair loss. People who experience hair loss should consult to a doctor and tests and analysis should be made to understand the problem behind the it. After the results are obtained, proper solution can be determined.

But if there are not any pathological reasons because of these tests and analysis, hair loss is connected with external factors.

When external factors are investigated, smoking and alcohol consumption as well as nutrition deficiencies are considered. Especially nutrients deficiencies such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies may cause it. Additionally, harmful substances such as cigarettes may also trigger it since absorption of vitamins are decreased. Therefore, if the it relates to external factors, dietary habits should be first thing to be considered.

Weather conditions, polluted air, external factors such as wind, dust, sun, improper shampoo or hair product use, constant use of blow dryer or hair shaper as well as materials such as gel, spray can cause it.   Moisture loss in hair, skin problems in scalp and allergic reactions may also trigger hair loss.

Why hair loss is more common among men?

Hair loss in men is triggered by an enzyme called alpha reductase. This enzyme is higher in men than women. Aromatase enzyme is more common in women.  Hair’s products produced for men are usually have results for men. Due to enzyme differences, women cannot benefit from these products.

Another factor that effects hair loss in men is the genetic factors. Especially if relatives have hair loss, this can be transferred genetically.

Medication that trigger 

  • Medication for cancer treatment and chemotherapy
  • Cholesterol and lipid regulation medication
  • that prevent coagulation and ha dilutive effects
  •  for gout, goitre, and thyroid treatment
  • Medication for kidney and blood pressure treatment
  • Medication with high concentration of Vitamin A
  • Diet medication
  • Anti-depressant medication

Trigger and increase, If you have hair loss due to these medications, you need to inform your doctor.

Various solutions for hair loss

First, you need to care for your hair and clean properly. Using natural products are important as well as rinsing the hair properly. Shampoo, hair conditioner and similar product residuals on hair can trigger hair loss. On the other hand, to prevent bacteria on the hair roots, a proper product should regularly be used.

Life cycle of a strand of hair is between 2-6 years. If the life cycle of the hair is complete, this hair strand should fall and a new hair should grow instead. Approximately 100 hair strand is accepted as normal. But if you are experiencing more than this number, the reason behind hair loss should be analysed. If there is a problem, physiological factors should be investigated first. Hair loss is mainly due to genetic or pathological problems.

There are herbal solutions known for thousands of years. Temporary it can be cured with these herbal cure or oils. You can solve your hair loss problem by changing the dietary habits and applying external products to your hair. But generally, these applications cannot present a permanent solution and hair loss cannot be prevented. Therefore, more professional solutions and applications are needed.


One of the permanent and practical solution in it is Hair PRP application. PRP therapy offers a solution to hair loss problem in short and medium term. Special components in the blood are separated with special techniques. A liquid obtained from patients’ blood and hormones are injected. Thus, this procedure does not have any side effects. PRP application aims to increase blood circulation and oxygen in scalp. Thus, hair strand grow faster and healthier. Dead and weak hair strands become stronger.

Another professional method which is mesotheraphy injects various vitamins, minerals and natural components to the scalp using small needles. Mesotheraphy is applied after a short massage session. Mesotheraphy method is applied one a week for 10 sessions. Scalp and hair become stronger. Mesotheraphy is generally applied in improper hair care and product use, sun contact, insufficient nutrients and anaemia and this method will produce positive results. This method is one of the commonly preferred hair care methods since it is painless.

If you cannot obtain any results with this method, hair transplant will be the next stage for your hair loss problem. Hair transplant is a special medical application that provides a permanent solution to hair loss problem.