Hair cloning is a special application to connect cells with each other using combinations of various materials to solve your hair problems. Using the material called extrasellulor matrix, triggering tissue production models cells.

Cloning means “copying”. In medical sense, cloning is to multiplying gene, cell, or live tissues with copying. But cloning is not related to stem cell therapy. Cloning is a different and important research method. Sheep Dolly introduced the cloning method and due to ethical and social reasons this method is prohibited in many countries. But there are not any restrictions for medical treatment or aesthetic operations. Only cloning a living creature or a human is prohibited.

   Hair cloning is considered as a hair transplantation method that is specially developed for the hair root and enables the hair to grow again and there is no moral problem in the implementation. Today, medical, and technological developments are parallel and new methods are developed for all kinds of health problems and aesthetic applications. Therefore, serious investments are made in this area. Although hair cloning has an aesthetic purpose, it is a medical operation and requires medical knowledge. Hair cloning method is developing by collaboration of genetic and texture engineers and doctors. Sample hair root pf the patient is cloned in laboratory settings and prepared for hair transplant turkey.

hair cloninghair cloning

Difference between stem cell therapy and hair cloning.           

In stem cell therapy, a healthy cell is taken from the patient and is injected to the patient after growing in an artificial environment. These cells can live and grow in laboratory environment. during this application, a special application to the cell will be provided for transplantation of the data to treat the disease. However, stem cell therapy is a treatment that is applied in serious diseases and subject to scientific researches.

İt has similarities with stem cell therapy yet there are also certain differences. Hair root is taken from the patient, fundamental codes are stored in laboratory settings and these codes are multiplied and integrated to the patient. However, one of the most important problems experienced in practice is that these cells, which are reproduced and multiplied in an artificial environment by dividing, cannot adapt to the body. This will not cause any physical harm but the operation will be unsuccessful.

hair cloninghair cloning

Is it possible to obtain results with hair cloning?

Hair cloning uses cell copying or cell modelling to create new and fresh tissue. Moreover, the quality of existing hair is increased and hair loss is prevented. Scientific researches on hair cloning continues. Scientist state that the researches will enable to create thousands of hair strands from a single hair strand. Also, it is expected that this application which have stem cell therapy basics, can be applied to other aesthetic operations as well as hair transplant.

This method is a miraculous solution to people who are experiencing hair loss and do not have enough hair for hair transfer. When the method has the final form, it will be an evolutionary application.

Various solutions for hair loss.

Today, while anticipations for developments in hair cloning will be finalized, different methods for hair loss and baldness are being developed and implemented. The most common and preferred method of hair transplant is the transfer of healthy and transplantable hair from the donor area to bold area. It is possible to find permanent solution to hair loss with various techniques in hair transplant. These methods can be classified in three parts;

1-FUE Technique:

Hair from the back of the head is taken, then this hair is separated with a special technique to transplant to the bald area. This method will provide a permanent solution to baldness in a short time.  Few months after the operation, new hair will grow in the transplanted area and after one year, the hair will permanently grow.

2-DHI Technique:

Hair strands are taken from head or breast hair and placed into the micro holes on the bald areas of the scalp. This method does not require any cut or suture therefore it is possible to apply without any bleeding. This application is done using needles with micron thickness and you can have permanent results without any scar tissue.

If the patient has donor hair either FUE or DHI method can be used for hair transplant. This method is applied with local anaesthesia and almost 100% success can be achieved. If the patients take care of the hair and avoid previous mistakes, life long hair growth can be achieved.

3- Auto Hair Cloning

This method is also known as hair cloning yet auto hair cloning or hair inoculation methods are also applied. In this method, connection between hair roots are activated, follicle cells are modelled and reinjected to the patient. Hair roots gets stronger and new hair start to grow. This method is called hair cloning or hair inoculation and is one of the hair transplant methods.

In hair inoculation, the quality of transplanted hair increases. Number of hair roots are increased and more hair will grow on the scalp. New hair roots are formed in donor area. The patient will not experience any baldness on the back of the head and donor area will grow new hair in a short time. Since the recovery duration is less and the application is easier, it is considered as a practical technique. You can obtain results from auto hair cloning without a second session. Hair inoculation method is similar to PRP application and healthy and permanent results are obtained


Medical cloning method cannot be fully implemented in hair transplant. Scientist claims that this method will be commercially used in the future days yet the time is not certain. On the other since ethical aspects of cloning is still debated, the results are not clear.

You need to research the hair transplant centres and hospitals that claim to apply hair cloning. Although hair cloning developments have not ended, some hair transplant centres apply hair cloning with same fundamental principles. You can decide about whether you can get results by doing detailed research in this subject, by getting information and learning the application methods.

You should always remember that the most important thing is to determine the correct hair transplant method for you. Because hair cloning is an expensive application. If your hair problems can be solved with other hair transplant applications, you can choose DHI or FUE methods without waiting any medical advancements.