Hair transplant is taking hair roots from donor area of the head and implanting to bold (receiver) areas of the head using technological methods. Implant techniques are constantly improving as medical technologies improve. Hair Transplant Turkey,  New methods are developed to make hair transplantation healthier, easier, and more successful.  FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is one of the methods. FUE technique is being used since 2006. In this method, advantages such as quicker and easier hair transplantation have attracted the attention of treatment centres. The old method FUT technique has been gradually abandoned and switched to FUE method. Fue Hair Transplant Turkey.

In FUE method, the hair follicles to be transported without incision are transferred to the bald area by taking one by one with a specially developed motor. The hair is placed in small units called follicles. In the FUE method, hair follicles are removed with round cuts without making linear incisions. This provides an easier application to the surgeons and helps them save time.

Hair root that will be transplanted is taken from the hair region between two ears and above the ear and this area is called as donor area. In FUE method, hair roots are taken with a specially designed small motor using the method stated above. This motor has special tips that can make round cuts with 0.7 – 0.8 mm diameter. Each hair follicle that is taken form the donor region with special tips is named as graft. Each graft can contain 2 or 3 hair cells.

The patient that will have a hair transplantation with FUE technique receives local anaesthesia. Therefore the patient does not feel any pain other than the pain of the anaesthetic needle. During the application, the patient is conscious. The patient can watch the procedure or read a book or a newspaper.

Depending on the condition of the area to be treated and the hair density in the donor area in the hair transplantation with the FUE method, 2000-5000 grafts which corresponds to 4600 – 11500 hair strands can be transplanted. However, although in theory 5000 graft can be transplanted in one session, in practice it is not possible to obtain that much graft. If emission process is done with manual punch rather than micromotor, the number of grafts in one session will be less.

How much graft is needed for transplantation depends on the width and boldness of the area to be treated and on the thickness of the patient’s hair, or even the shape of the hair being flat or wavy. Pre-treatment examination and hair analysis are performed to decide how much graft will be needed for transplantation.

Fue hair transplant Turkey, there is not a evident scar mark. However, there can be hairless area and light coloured marks in the donor area. But these marks will be invisible once the hairs are longer. Therefore, FUE technique is accepted as non-marking method. When an expert and experienced surgeon conducts the hair transplantations, operation marks can be invisible. The micro motor is operated with fine tips at low speed and if the cutting operation is done at a proper angle to the tissue and at a suitable depth, there is not much trace of operation in the donor area. If the micro motor is used in a sloppy way at high speed and thick tips, the damage in the area increases. This means more operation marks. Therefore, it is extremely important that skilled and experienced doctors do the hair transplantation in treatment centres with appropriate technological facilities.

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Turkey?

  • Hair transplantation with FUE technique is both easy and fast. If hair density in the donor area is appropriate, 4600-11500 hair strands can be transplanted in onesession.
  • Since there is not a linear cut in FUE technique, there is no need to use scalpel. Therefore, the cutting operation is minimal and no stitching is required. The cut is made with 0.7 – 0.8 mm wide tips in a circular way. Therefore, the operation is quick and easy. Recovery is also faster. Since no suturing is done, there won’t be any suture marks and this will reduce the scars of the operation. The patient can return to active working life in 7 – 10 days.
  • Since this process is minimal invasive, there pain and operation stress is minimized.

What are the Stages of FUE Technique?



fue hair transplant turkey

fue hair transplant turkey

fue hair transplant turkey

fue hair transplant turkey

Hair transplantation with Fue Hair Transplant Turkey is done in 4 stages.

1- Getting ready for the operation This phase includes pre-treatment status determination, photographing, determination of the area of the donor area where the hair will be taken and the area where the transplant is to be done, shaving hair to less than 1 mm in length, and local anaesthetic procedures. The first stage takes approximately one hour.

2- Taking hair roots from donor area. With the aid of a mini motor with special tips of 0,7 or 0,8 mm, the hair follicles are removed from the donor site where anaesthesia has been applied. To prevent any opening in the donor area, hair roots are taken by providing certain distances. If hair roots are not homogenously collected from the donor area, there may be openings in certain areas. The second stage approximately take two -three hours depending on the number of hair roots to be collected.  Hair roots collected from donor area are kept in a special solution in +4 – +10 C.

3- Opening the transplantation channels to transplant the hair from donor area. First, local anaesthetics is applied to the area where hair transplantation is going to be made. The channels are opened depending on the width and depth of the hair roots. The direction of these channels should be according to the directions and angles of the natural hair. The more the directions and angles of the opened channels are aligned with the directions and angles of natural hair, the more natural and healthy the hair after transplantation will be. If directions and angles of the channels are not set properly, transplanted hair does not fit with natural hair.

4- Placing the hair roots to the channels opened for transplantation. This is the last stage. At this stage hair transplantation is completed. During this process, the patient who has become tired during the procedure can be given 10-15 minutes for rest and food. In this stage donor area is covered with bandages. Use of antibiotics are recommended to prevent infection. If there is pain, pain killers can be used. This stage takes approximately three hours. As it can be understood from this, the hair transplantation with FUE technique takes 6 to 9 hours, depending on the intensity of the operation.

The adaptation and attachment of the transplanted hair to the region where the hair follicles are placed is completed within one week. In this process, the hair can be washed gently with the palms and fingers. But the hair is not washed in first three days. Nails are not used during washing. The hair in the transplanted area start to grow in 2-3 weeks. Then the hair start to fall. Sometimes all of the hair may fall. But this is temporary. After recovery period for couple of weeks, the hair will start to grow again. The completion of growth takes place within 6-8 months in the front zone and 8-12 months in the hill side.


How Should the Hair Wash Be Done After Fue Hair  Transplant Turkey?

Bandage is taken off after one or two days. The hair can be washed after the third day. Shampoo and lotion that is recommended should be used. The lotion should be applied by pouring into hand first. Nails should not be used in this stage. After the lotion is applied, there is a one hour waiting period. Than this lotion is washed with warm water. After that, the hair is washed with the shampoo recommended by the surgeon. The hair should be washed gently using palms or finger tips.  In every wash, warm water should be used and shampoo should carefully be rinsed.


If hair dryer will be used, rather than hot blowing machines warm or cold blowing machines should be used. The hair should be washed as described and should be washed every day once a day for 10 days. Seven days after the operation incrustation should decrease and ten days after the operation incrustation should end. If there are still incrustation after the 10th day, the hair can be washed lightly presses to get rid of the incrustation. The incrustation should completely disappear after 15 days.  As the incrustation ends quickly, recovery process will increase.


Advices After Fue Hair Transplant

After Fue Hair Transplant Turkey the first week or 10 days of the surgery, this operation area should be protected from traumas such as impact and hitting.

In the first 15 days, the patient should avoid swimming in the sea, pool and sauna.

Especially in the one month period after the surgery, the operation area should be protected from direct sunlight. Using a hat during this period is recommended.

After the operation, the bandage around the donor area should be removed within a day or two.

The hair can be washed after the third day of the surgery.

The hair should be washed every day and once a day.

It is expected that the incrustation will end 10 days after the surgery. If there is still incrustation, this can badly effect the recovery. If incrustation does not end after 15 days, the patient should consult to a doctor.