Eyebrow are the most important part of the face that gives a meaning so Eyebrow transplant is a challenging process. Various expressions and gesture are emphasized with eyebrows. We express sadness, happiness, and other emotions with our eyebrows. Anatomically, eyebrows protect our eyes from sweat. Yet, visual properties are more important for us. Well-structures eyebrows are the fundamental part of beauty for both men and women.How eyebrow transplant?

Especially, women experience eyebrow loss due to various reasons. Improper eyebrow shaping, genetic factors, make-up and other reasons will cause deformation in the eyebrows. Some people have sparse or formless eyebrows due to genetic reasons. Therefore, to have a better-looking eyebrow and shaping the eyebrows to fit the general structure of the face, eyebrow transplant applications are common.

Eyebrow transplantation applications are based on hair transplant. To fill the sparse areas in the eyebrow, eyebrow transplantation applications can be made. Eyebrows are suitable for transplant as hair. Hair is taken from back of the head and implanted with a proper shape. You can have the eyebrows you want with eyebrow transplant application.

eyebrow transplant

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How is eyebrow transplant applied?          

First, photographs of the face are taken from various angles. Drawings are made on the photographs to determine the eyebrow transplant area. If the patient agrees with the drawings, local anaesthesia is applied to the eyebrow transplantation area. Using micro needles, holes are created in the transplant area. Hair strands from the back of the head are placed in these holes. The hair taken from the back of the head should be suitable for eyebrow transplant. Transplant should be conducted with utmost care to align the direction of the hair.

            This surgery generally takes a few hours and it is possible to obtain results in one session.

Eyebrows should be kept dry for the first 3 days of the operation. Additionally, patient should avoid chemicals and rubbing the eyebrows. One week after the operation, no scar will be visible. After one week, most of the hair in the transplant are will fall. You do not need to panic or think that the operation failed. This is a natural process. After one or two months, new hair will start to grow. Approximately 5-6 months of the operation, you will see your new and natural eyebrows.

When the operation is conducted in a quality centre with experienced doctors, it is nearly impossible to identify. Eyebrow transplantation is as successful as hair transplant. Since the area is smaller and less hair will be transplanted, this operation will be economic.

Who should have eyebrow transplant?

Generally, eyebrow transplant is not a risky operation. When the operation is conducted with an expert under hygienic conditions, you will not experience any problems. But since the eyebrows are just above the eye and eyelid, an experienced doctor should perform this operation. Otherwise, you may experience undesired outcomes and even health problems.

If these points are considered, transplant can be applied to everyone. But if the patient has chronical disease, on medication, allergic to anaesthesia, pregnant or in lactation, doctor should be informed for such conditions. Lately, men also prefer transplant and the operation has no known disadvantage.

Eyebrow Transplant Prices

Since eyebrow transplant uses less hair transplant, the price is relatively low. Yet the price can vary for eyebrow model and structure. Experience of the doctor, quality of the transplant centre, quality of devices and materials will also affect the prices of eyebrow transplant.

If you want to have eyebrow transplantation and want to know the prices, you can consult to an eyebrow transplant centre.

Will the eyebrow transplant change the looks?

We are sure that when you see the results of eyebrow transplantation, you will wish to have the operation earlier. When eyebrow transplant is applied with expert doctors and properly, it will look like your natural eyebrows. You can have healthy and beautiful eyebrows.

Which technique is used in eyebrow transplant?

Techniques for hair transplant can also be used for eyebrow transplant. FUE and DHI technique are appropriate for eyebrow transplant.

The area for transplant is drawn and local anaesthesia is applied. Also, local anaesthesia is applied to the donor area.  During eyebrow transplant, you will not feel any pain with local anaesthesia.

Since the donor hair for eyebrow transplant belong the patient, eyebrows may grow white due to genetic factors. If you feel uncomfortable, you can always dye your eyebrow temporarily or permanently.

Realizing that the changing aesthetic sector is constantly renewing itself to realize the expectation of people to look more beautiful, the eyebrows are just as important as the other areas in the faces of the people, and it has also enabled the application of the hair planting methods to the eyebrows. Instead of shaping and filling your eyebrow with temporary dyes or cosmetic methods, you can have eyebrow transplantation to have a natural look as well as avoiding artificial applications.