Dhi hair transplant Turkey ; The most important property of Direct Hair Implant technique is that it does not require any suture, mark or cut. The aim of this technique is to minimize the contact time of the grafts with outside environment, which are obtained from the back of the head, and provide healthy and strong hair.

For the hair roots/grafts that are obtained from the donor region no additional holes are made to the transplantation area. These grafts are transplanted using special points in the hair roots.

Since holes are not created in the transplantation area increases the number of roots and enables intense transplantation. This technique is harder than FUE technique and takes more time. In the other hand recovery process is faster.

The most important property of Hair Transplantation using this technique is that the contact time of the grafts with outside environment is minimized and therefore new hairs is healthier and stronger. There is no need for opening holes to the areas where the hair will be transplanted. Hair roots are places to your skin without any pain using special tips.


Hair Transplantation with DHI Technique
DHI and FUE techniques are one of the new and special techniques that is applied in international hair transplantation centres, especially in Turkey.

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dhi hair transplant turkey

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How is Dhi Hair Transplant Turkey?

Technique Applied?
In standard FUE technique, grafts/follicular units (hair roots) are classified together. Surgeon applies special improvement techniques before the hair is transplanted. The grafts are places into channels or cuts prepared for the transplantation.

DHI technique can be expressed as one by one transplantation technique. Contrary to strip technique, DHI technique does not require cut. The hair transplantation is done by opening round natural channels in line with the natural hair growth direction using small needles. Grafts can be implemented with frequent intervals successively using special needles.


Advantages of hair transplantation with DHI technique

The most important advantage of this technique is the volume. The volume is 40 – 60 graft per square centimetre which corresponds to twice as much compared to strip/lateral technique. This volume enables enormous coverage in the bold area.

This technique enables to transplant hair according to natural growth direction hair. Especially as it can be applied to sensitive areas such as hairline, a more natural look is created and thus the results are more successful.

As small tipped needles are used in Dhi hair transplant Turkey technique, the risk of any type of scars are minimized.

Since the technique requires one by one application and sensitive operations, specialist and team who perform this technique in the hair transplantation centres are extremally successful.

Hair design with DHI hair transplantation technique offers natural and successful results. It is the newest hair transplantation technique that provides natural hair look, minimum scar, maximum hair volume, minimum recovery time with special needles.