After Hair Transplant Surgery;

This operation also has 1 – 2 weeks’ preparation process just like hair transplantation. The recovery period takes approximately 6 months and the patients should be careful about some issues. It is found that if the patients comply with the requirements of the process, the operation is more successful and recovery period is shorter. This 6 months’ period can be analysed in 2 parts. These parts are:

-Retention of transplanted hair

– Falling of the transplanted hair and regrow
Retention of Transplanted Hair This process starts right after the hair transplantation and covers 5 – 7 days. In first week, scalp is extremely sensitive and vulnerable against microbe. Therefore, extra precautions should be taken and scalp should be protected for the possibility of infection. Especially in the first 3 days, hair should not be washed. The first hair wash after the transplantation should be 3 days after the operation and in hair transplantation centres.

The points that should be considered  after hair transplant surgery:

  • The patient should avoid dirty, dusty, and smoky environments.
  • The patient should not do heavy work and avoid stress.
  • To get protection from harmful effects of the sun and dirty air, a comfortable hat should be worn. The hat should be taken off in the house environment to allow the scalp to breath. Oxygen accelerates the recovery period.
  • Any chemical product should not be applied to the scalp. Only products or medication suggested by the doctor should be used.
  • After hair transplant surgery the first 3 days, the patients should wash their hair everyday with special shampoo.
  • During the washing the products should be used 1 or 2 times and should be applied to the scalp delicately.
  • When the hair is dried, the towel should be used to take the moisture with soft moves.
  • Blow dryer should not be used. If the patient must use hair dryer, it should be used with warm blow and at certain distance.
  • Especially in the first week, the head should be protected from impacts.
  • When sleeping, the pillow should not contact to the top of the head.
  • Since alcohol and smoking badly influences recovery, they should not be consumed especially in the first week.
  • The patient should avoid sports activities and heavy work.

It is normal that there are red dots and incrustation in the scalp.  Incrustation and red dots will disappear in short time. If incarnation lasts for a long time, it will prevent the new hair to grow. Please consult a doctor if you observe such a condition. The itch relief sprays recommended by the doctor can be used to reduce the itchy feeling on the scalp when the hair starts to grow.

Shedding of the transplanted hair and regrow
This process involves the period from first week to 6th month. The hair shedding is normal in this period. Because the first set of hair is weak and certain time should past for the hair to grow and get stronger. This shedding generally starts 4 weeks later but it can be earlier or later depending on the patient. There are certain things to be considered in this 6-month period.
The patient should avoid swimming in the pool and sea. Especially the chemicals used in cleaning the pool could harm the scalp.

  • Razor or machine should not be used to shave the hair. Scissors will be a better choice.
  • The patient should not use gel and spray. Besides the patient should avoid hair dye.
  • Especially curling irons that woman uses can harm the scalp and therefore should be avoided. The patient should not use hot air during blow dry for the first 6 months as it will damage hair.
  • The patient should not use hot water during the shower and do not expose to pressurized water.
  • The hair should be massaged with gentle movements at regular intervals and the medicines given by the doctor should be used as prescribed after hair transplant.

The recovery process takes a long time after hair transplant, and it takes time for the glaze in the hair to make a visible difference Therefore it is better to be patient. The hair shedding will start to come out again in a few weeks and the non-shedded hair will begin to thicken and become stronger. Eighty percent of the hair will grow within 6 – 8 months. It takes approximately one year for the hair to grow out and reach its full length. At the end of a year, traces of the operation will be completely gone and the hair will have the volume and natural look. The quality and permanence of the hair transplanting process can be increased with some treatments to be made after the recovery process. One of these maintenance methods is prp therapy. This process is valid for fue hair transplant.